You can make a lot of great things with tofu. Tofu meatballs, for instance, are just one of the many delicious things. But did you know you can also make a sweater out of tofu? Gross.

According to Girlie Girl Army, a new fabric uses "the unused protein of soybean oil, tofu and soymilk, this new fabric turns waste into a yarn that possesses cashmere characteristics." It's reportedly very soft and not slimey at all. But here's the catch: the fabric contains 15% Cashmere (and 85% Soybean), so many animal rights activists say it's inhumane, and not eco-friendly. And no matter how much lemon-ginger marinade you put on it, Cashmere just doesn't taste good.

The company that uses the tofu cashmere blend claims it is eco-friendly, and "uses a renewable natural resource, the unused protein of soybean oil/tofu/soymilk production as a raw material. All byproducts of soybean fiber production are of a harmless nature." But the Girlie Girl Army says, "duh, using animals in production is never green." PETA explains: "It may be called cashmere... but any kind of wool means suffering for animals."