Vegetarian bar owner Johnny Barounis, who owns Revision Lounge and Gallery in the East Village, the Back Room on the Lower East Side, and Auction House and Fetch on the Upper East Side, does not take kindly to customers who come in draped in furs. In fact, as DNAinfo reports, he straight-up refuses to serve them.

Barounis's bouncer carefully inspects the outerwear of all customers before they're allowed to enter. “We tell people you are welcome to come in, but the fur stays out," Barounis said. Unsurprisingly, some fur-loving patrons are not pleased by the policy—one woman called the cops when she was denied entry to the Back Room (which also has an age-25 and up policy), though another woman, desperate to gain entry to the exclusive speakeasy, crammed her fur coat in the dark corner of an alley instead.

Barounis insists he's not a radical—customers who eat meat, for example, are allowed in (it is such a bother to orally swab each of your patrons to test for meat traces, after all)—he just wants to get people who wear fur to "change their behavior." Which they can also do by going to Ssam Bar and stuffing their face full of ham instead.