When it comes to customer goodwill, a little free soy goes a long way, Starbucks is quickly learning. Two days ago the coffee giant announced that it was changing some of the perks connected to its My Starbucks Rewards program and, well, the vegans are not amused. Soy what? They are taking away the free syrup and soy? THE HORROR.

Seriously. A few coffee fiends are furious about this move. Or at least bothered: "A lot of vegans and lactose intolerant people are upset by this," vegan Chris Hansen, founder of the independent record label No Sleep Records, told the Times. "It feels like we’re being penalized because of our beliefs or because of the way our bodies work."

But don't think they are just lying down and letting some giant faceless Seattle-based corporation steal away their formally free-with-a-rewards-card milk alternatives! Oh no! They're commenting up a storm ("This feels more like health insurance than loyalty card, taking benefits away and pretending like something good has happened?") and even starting online petitions. Because really, something must be done to stop this horrible change from happening on October 16. Otherwise, mark our words, all that free sugar you like poured into your drink of choice is going to cost you at the register.