Longtime vegan fast food joint Foodswings is going the way of Black Betty: The Williamsburg standby will "likely be forced to close its doors sometime soon," according to a message on its Facebook page. "Problems with the landlord" are cited, and though Foodswings rep says "we are trying to stay," the restaurant is expected to close in a matter of months. So it goes.

In a Brooklyn Paper article delightfully headlined "Williamsburg, soon to be animal-product-free-restaurant-free," Danielle Furfaro reports that the landlord tripled the rent. The cozy space will be taken over by a sushi restaurant, because you can never have too many of those goddamn things, apparently.

"It’s Williamsburg, and that’s what happens here now,” Foodswings manager Tyler Krupsky told BP. “The neighborhood has changed immensely and we are just the latest ones to go." Ain't that the truth, Krupsky? This is pretty upsetting news, and let it be known that if the forces of steroidal gentrification mess with Supercore, we're moving to Miami.