Don't let NYC's fraudulent fish problem turn you off sushi—just eat vegetable-based versions instead! The animal-loving Beyond Sushi will open their third location this week, serving up vegan maki, individual pieces and hand rolls to the Midtown West set. Will the working stiffs be able to forgo their deli California Roll for one stuffed with avocado, green beans and mango? Let's find out!

Originally operating out of Union Square, the cruelty-free Japanese spot focuses on sustainability from its food to its production, especially important given that overfishing threatens to cripple the sushi industry, not to mention the delicate web of life. Forgoing fish, the eatery creates rolls with produce and herbs, like the Mighty Mushroom, made with enoki, tofu and shiitake rolled in six grain rice and topped with micro arugula and shiitake teriyaki. For spicy tuna addicts, try La Fiesta, a black rice roll stuffed with avocado, chayote, pickled jalapeno and cilantro.

Continuing the earth friendly theme, the restaurant employs biodegradable packaging for to-go items, plus a super eco-friendly design by Atal Design Group, which incorporates materials repurposed from the original space and energy efficient lighting. How often can a lunch make you feel this good about yourself?

62 West 56th Street, 646-964-1117; website