The Van Leeuwen Artisan ice cream truck rolled up to DUMBO for a couple hours this afternoon, affording Gothamist a taste of creamy ecstasy. And not a moment too soon; driver Dan Suarez told us that a turf war had already broken out on Main Street with rival truck Tommy’s Ice Cream, whose owner told Dan he’s been working the block for four years.

One could see why Tommy would be threatened: there was an eager crowd gathered outside the truck to sample Van Leeuwen’s goods, which blow those nutty Drumsticks out of the water. Unfortunately, the DUMBO appearance was just a brief cameo; the truck can usually be found daily on Prince and Greene Streets in Soho and, after 7 p.m., on University between 10th and 11th. A second truck is coming soon to expand the operation, though Suarez tells us getting all the permits is “a nightmare.”