The Upper West Side's bar strip on Amsterdam Avenue isn't exactly the best nightlife destination—you can go to the Gin Mill, which sucks, or Jake's Dilemma, which also sucks, and maaaaybe squeeze your way into the Dead Poet, which is a perfectly nice bar but gets so crowded as a result that it too ends up sucking. So it was quite the relief when E's Bar, a decidedly non-sucky, non-fratty drinking hole, opened in 2014; though the bar shuttered for a few months after its building caught fire in February, they're now back in business, and serving all-day brunch specials to celebrate.

Starting today, E's will add $10 brunch specials to its menu, which currently boasts classic pub fare like sandwiches, flatbreads and fries. New dishes include huevos rancheros, a breakfast burrito, and a delicious trio of breakfast tacos, comprised of scrambled eggs, onion, peppers and house-made salsa and topped with shredded bacon. Brunchers can augment their meals with sides like spicy fries and fried shishito peppers, plus you can booze with Bloody Marys or mimosas (served, adorably, in wine glasses) for an extra $5.

The good news is, brunch will be served all day, so you can stumble in and stuff a tortilla full of eggs in your face whenever the mood strikes you. The bad news is, there's no coffee at E's, since their bar program doesn't include hot drinks—there is, however, a Shiner Cold Brew coffee ale for $8 that might trick your brain into thinking its being properly caffeinated, if you get desperate enough.

E's Bar is located at 511 Amsterdam Avenue between 84th and 85th Streets on the Upper West Side (212-877-0961,