Right at the buzzer, 2015 has taken another victim —Upper West Side eatery Ocean Grill has shuttered after 18 years in the neighborhood, thanks to a dispute with the building's landlord.

As first reported by West Side Rag, the restaurant, which is run by BR Guest Hospitality, shuttered for good on Sunday, and operators allege they've lost over $5 million in damages and in income since January 2013—they're suing for $6.4 million and asking to be let off the lease, which is up in 2021. The Columbus Avenue seafood joint's entrance has reportedly been blocked by scaffolding the landlord placed in front of the restaurant in 2012, with additional construction causing flooding, "excessive noise, vibrations, odors and dust,” according to the lawsuit.

Tom Brown, Ocean Grill's Director of Operations, provided us with the following statement:

In the past few years, Ocean Grill has suffered significantly from unnecessary and damaging disruptions caused by the landlord of the building. These constant issues ranged from dirt, dust and noise problems to the placement of heavy equipment directly blocking the entrance to the restaurant. Throughout this process we fought vigorously to enforce our rights and protect the restaurant. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful and the disruption caused the once outstanding restaurant to suffer significantly. As such, we have brought legal action against the landlord. We strongly believe that these disruptions have directly caused the restaurant to close."

Landlord woes aside, it's a sad day for fans of Ocean Grill, which served a mean swordfish dish and was one of Gothamist staffer Ben Yakas's favorite restaurants. Says Yakas:

When I was still an innocent pickle-hating, chicken nuggets-scarfing dumbass 14 year old, my parents and uncles convinced me to try oysters at Oceans Grill. Sure, they had to basically yell at me and call me a wuss until I slurped one down, but I did it. Then I had another, and another, and 16 years later, I'm still throwing them back every chance I get. Oceans Grill will always hold a special place in my heart for that alone—even with all the scaffolding and the tempting specter of Shake Shack a block away, I loved taking people there once a year or so. It was the last good restaurant on the UWS. R.I.P. UWS.

Yakas's other favorite UWS spots, Hunan Balcony and Ding Dong Lounge, shuttered in 2014.