Sick and tired of hearing their neighbors complaining about food trucks, Community Board members on the UWS promised to keep a close eye on the much-maligned mobile food vendors.

Board members say that vendors displaced from Midtown (and possibly Columbus Circle, too) are overtaking the neighborhood, reports DNAinfo. "They're exploding all over," said Community Board 7 transportation committee chairman Andrew Albert. "I'm getting calls and emails every day from people saying there's a new truck here, there's a new truck there." The Board plans to conduct a survey to count the trucks (which might be difficult given that they', "pinpoint" their locations (again: mobile) and figure out if they're directly competing with area restaurants, which is all pretty ambitious stuff.

You may recall earlier this summer, when one longtime resident griped, "If this is the standard that we're going to live by, we might as well give up and live in a slum." The Board hopes that their study will help officials write new mobile vendor legislation, which will almost certainly make it even harder out there for a food truck.