In March, we learned than there will soon be new places for men to sit on couches when Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters open stores in Williamsburg. With the stores neighboring a Whole Foods and American Apparel (appropriately), this is set to create a Commercial Hipster Mecca that could stand as a tribute to wheat-paste sloganeers and futurism consultants. But it's not enough just to provide the classiest place to buy your knockoff Black Flag Four Logo shirts and Bushwick-branded sleeveless tees: Urban Outfitters also wants to get you drunk.

Grub Street noticed that Urban Outfitters was on the agenda of more than 50 bars and restaurants up for liquor licenses at Monday night's CB1 Brooklyn meeting PDF). The form lists: "Urban Outfitters, Inc, 98 North 6th Street (new, liquor, rest)." The store hasn't officially filled out a liquor license application, but this is the first step in that process. It's unclear what form the restaurant might come in (could it be a sidewalk cafe? an in-house deli), but it's clear the company has big ambitions with the project.

At least this way we may be able to answer an age-old question: how drunk do you have to get to buy Tiger Hipster underwear?