Lobster lovers may be crushed, but at least there's a bit of good news for Edward Furlong: The flagship location of Urban Lobster, the East Village steamed lobster takeout shop (they also sell giant stuffed potatoes under the unassuming concept name “NY Stuffed Idaho”) will close tomorrow night. Reached by telephone, a counter person confirmed the news. Urban Lobster’s Stone Street location, on the other hand, which opened late last year, will remain open, but will “scale down” its seafood operations with a more limited menu of lobster and crab rolls, soups, and salads. The fleet of stealth lobster delivery mobiles is also presumed to be kaput. The restaurant’s contents will be auctioned on Wednesday at 3 p.m., so that’s your chance your chance to buy a bona fide Cleveland Double Door Electric Steamer once used by Urban Lobster, and not the kind of Cleveland Steamer as defined in the Urban Dictionary. Meanwhile, the Feedbag brings news of another seafood-theme named place closing: Williamsburg's Lazy Catfish seems to have been at least temporarily closed by the Department of Health.