One of the greatest perks of being a New Yorker is the vast array of places we have to eat on any given night, even during a global pandemic--but during 2020, they did even more, banding together to feed those in need in their community and sending countless meals to frontline workers during COVID's darkest days here last spring.

Even though winter weather is inevitably forcing us to gather less frequently outdoors at our familiar spots, through Seamless we can keep the feeling alive with a great meal, made with love, delivered directly to our home. The choices of cuisine are staggering. The ordering couldn't be easier. And it's definitely the most delicious way to support your local favorites, or try something new, and help ensure they'll all still be around when springtime comes again. When you donate the change on your Seamless order, it supports restaurants, drivers and communities in need through the Seamless Community Relief Fund.

Gothamist and Seamless have teamed up to celebrate amazing restaurants over the next few weeks that, whether they’re two blocks from your apartment or a bike ride away, are NYC favorites that we think you’ll love too. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our previous installments, the food lovers guide to the Lower East Side , Williamsburg & Bushwick, Park Slope, and Astoria & Long Island City. Last but certainly not least: the Upper East Side.

The Upper East Side is most famous for its elegance and glamour, the dignified manors along Fifth and Park Avenues, the world-class museums, the trendy boutiques of Madison Avenue, and, of course, all of the glories of Central Park, which during the pandemic has played an ever more vital role as a gathering space. But head just a block or two east and the neighborhood's true, beating heart snaps into focus, those legions of local bars and restaurants lining Third, Second, and First Avenues, feeding the community and bringing that big city energy to the area with their countless different cuisines and cooking styles, always ready to satisfy whatever craving you might have. If one of the Perks of Being a New Yorker is having it all, the Upper East Side definitely delivers. And it does so via Seamless. Here are just a very few of our favorite eating options up here but remember, the Seamless website is designed for discovery, so feel free to browse.


About two years ago Roman pizza legend Angelo Iezzi brought his airy squares to the Upper East Side with this blessedly unfancy slice spot on Second Avenue, Pizza Quadrata Romana, or PQR. We loved it then--the chewy, craggy crust is justifiably famous, and the toppings all unfailingly fresh=--and on a recent revisit it was heartening to see that the pandemic hasn't slowed the place down even a little bit. In fact, in addition to the dozen or so types of freshly-made slices and pies immediately available, they've added hot heros and pasta dishes to the mix. And because these pies are so light and relatively low-carb, it's easy to order a bunch of different slices, uncork a bottle of PQR's Pinot Noir, and have a pizza tasting party in your home. Other first-rate pizza joints in the neighborhood include the UES branch of old-timer Koronet (wait'll you see the size of these slices!) and Marinara, both on Lexington Avenue.

PQR is located at 1631 Second Avenue between 84th and 85th (646-449-0889; - Order Now

Lexington Candy Shop

Diners and luncheonettes have always been an integral part of the Upper East Side streetscape, but COVID has been tough on many of these venerable institutions. So the time to order delivery, and throw some support to these beloved neighborhood spots, is now! One of our go-tos has always been the nearly-100-year-old Lexington Candy Shop, which is worth saving for its spectacular window displays alone, but make no mistake, the food is damn good here too, serving up a full array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner classics. We have to keep this legend alive until we can eat at that beautiful old lunch counter again; in the meantime, transfer your cheeseburger deluxe or French toast delivery onto your heaviest white plates, put on your "jukebox," and reminisce about diner days gone by. Among your many other choices in this genre around here: Green Kitchen (since 1931!) on either First or Second Avenues, or, of more recent vintage, the Gracie Mews Diner on First Avenue.

Lexington Candy Shop is located at 1226 Lexington Avenue at the corner of 83rd Street (212-288-0057; - Order Now


One of the craziest stories of the pandemic so far is how a trio of frontline nurses, unhappy with the breakfast choices after their overnight shift at Mt. Sinai, decided to open a whole restaurant on First Avenue, while keeping their nursing jobs, just so they and their comrades could have some proper Filipino food in the neighborhood. Fortunately we're all invited to this party as well, because Bilao is one of the best new restaurants in all of New York City. Get any of the Silogs, a classic Filipino breakfast served with meat or fish; or the Goto, a delicious tripe porridge; or a rich bowl of Kare-Kare, thick with oxtail in sesame sauce; or the excellent Sizzling Sisig. For warming, hearty fare of a different sort, try some of the great British pub food at Jones Wood Foundry on East 76th Street, or get bowls of first-rate ramen at NR on East 75th.

Bilao is located at 1437 First Avenue, between 74th and 75th Streets (212-650-0010; - Order Now

Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar

There tends to be a lot of history behind NYC hot dog stands (the good ones, anyway), and Schaller's Stube is no exception. Positioned as a kind of "millennial" offshoot of its grandfather next door, the nearly century-old Yorktown butcher Schaller & Weber, Stube sells several kinds of wursts (Brat, Knack, Bauern) along with other old-world sausages like Kielbasa and Leberkase. These come nestled inside some good Balthazar brioche buns, the toppings are infallibly appropriate, and you can mix it up with some of Mrs. Schaller's Famous Fried Chicken as well. Keep the old-school UES vibe going with a pair of Classic Frankfurters and fruity drink from Papaya King on East 86th.

Schaller's Stube is located at 1652 Second Avenue on the Upper East Side (646-726-4355; - Order Now

Pastrami Queen

In one form or another--the original, called Pastrami King, was a Kew Gardens staple for many decades--Pastrami Queen has been slinging excellent Jewish delicatessen fare since 1956. Naturally, one of the highlights here at this Upper East Side favorite is the jaw-stretching Pastrami Sandwich, but the massive Knishes, the Stuffed Cabbage, and the Matzoh Ball Soup are all among the best in town. Put Crossing Delancey on streaming while you wolf it all down at home for a perfect NYC night. Equally good in the Jewish Deli department is 2nd Avenue Deli, the historic East Village institution that moved uptown, first to Kips Bay, and then to a second location about a decade ago on First Avenue.

Pastrami Queen is located at 1125 Lexington Avenue between 78th and 79th Streets (212-734-1500; - Order Now

William Greenberg Desserts

Another Upper East Side classic, William Greenberg Desserts has been holding it down on Madison Avenue since 1946 and, after all these decades, stills serves the absolute best Black and White Cookie in NYC. The sweet, intense fondant is spread thick (both the chocolate and vanilla sides are true-to-flavor and equally good), the cookie part is firm enough that you're not tempted to call it "cake," and there's just the slightest hint of citrus in the mix. Delicious. And the fun doesn't stop there! Greenberg's Pound Cakes, Babkas, and juicy Rainbow Cookies are all high-quality baked goodies as well. For dessert of a different sort, the newish Anita La Mamma Gelato on Second Avenue offers a wide selection of their dense and creamy frozen treats for delivery.

William Greenberg is located at 1100 Madison Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets (212-861-1340; - Order Now

By ordering our favorite meals or branching out to explore new spots with Seamless, New Yorkers can support the institutions that have been there for us throughout the ups and downs of the past year. As we continue to celebrate these restaurants in 2021, consider supporting a neighborhood business and treat yourself to some delicious food delivered right to your door.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Seamless and Gothamist staff.