Since New York started handing out letter grades with their Department of Health inspections, a number of college cafeterias have been performing quite poorly and students and their parents are not amused. Today the Times catches up with the story, and though the schools are rushing to fix things ("We let the students down,” one admin said) it is too little, too late for some. Why bother with school food, these kids want their Five Guys, and they want it now!

“I was completely disgusted and really worried,” a Pace senior told the paper. Though the Pace cafeteria has reopened with a new manager since its failing grades shut it down, the student isn't buying it. “I still wouldn’t eat the food. It’s all the same people working there, but they have hats now.

And parents, who pay large tuitions to make sure their kids are not only educated but also nourished, aren't exactly thrilled by the bad grades either. The mother of a Pace freshman says “It’s one thing to hear that your kid doesn’t like his professors. It’s another thing to have the cafeteria closed down by the New York City health department.

Meanwhile at Fordham, where one student found a dead grasshopper in her food, a junior was disappointed when they revisited the cafeteria. “It’s just not very palatable,” they said of the food. “I had some kind of pork-and-rice thing. The sauce was way too salty, and the meat felt like leather.”

So what's being done? Schools are scrambling to find new operators to run their operations while students are screaming for more options. Like at Pace the kids are trying to get the right to use their meal cards to pay for food outside of the system—an option that students at NYU and some other schools already have. “I want the freedom to go to Five Guys if I want a really good burger,” explained one freshman.