New Noho food market Brazilia Cafe continues the spread of multi-disciplinary dining, packing in several types of eateries under one roof like a high-end food court. For this iteration, the flavors of South America are channeled, with dishes like Acai bowls, Jamon sandwiches and a specialty coffee service. If it looks familiar, that's due to the Costa Group, which designed early adopter Eataly; here, they're decking out the 3,000 square foot space with oak parquet flooring, stone counters and Italian furnishings.

Unlike Eataly's multiple restaurants, Brazilia Cafe skews more towards casual meals taken to go or enjoyed in the 60-seat cafe. Like Flatiron's Cafe el Presidente, various stands turn out things like fruit and vegetable juices like The Energizer made with spinach, parsley, kale, lemon and apple and smoothies include a Brazilia with banana, mango, kale, acai and apple cider. There's a health food ethos at play here, meaning virtuous salads like a Black Bean and Kale, and Acai Bowls topped with fruits.

The sandwiches aren't fully kale-ified; the Grilled Jamon y Queso ($10.75) comes pressed with a pineapple mustard; the Tuna Melt ($9.95) is topped with Gruyere and served on brioche; and the Roast Beef Bauru ($10.95) also comes hot-pressed with a spicy chimichurri and mozzarella cheese. Likewise, bakery offerings include cookies, empanadas, danish and other treats; there's also a Gelateria scooping flavors like Sea salt Caramel, Pina Colada and Acai Camu Camu Berry.

The Cafe has particular pride for its Brew Bar offerings, which use beans sourced from their own farm in Brazil. They offer nine different types of beans, which are ground and pressed into cappucinos, espressos and even poured over vanilla ice cream as an Affogato. For those who can tell the difference, four different brewing methods are available; for everyone else, drip and cold brewed coffees are on hand for a quick pick-me-up.

684 Broadway at Great Jones Street, 646-852-6348; website