Check out the lipstick on this pig factory farm cow: McDonald's Corp. spokeswoman Danya Proud says this McDonald's location on Sixth Avenue between 14th and 15th streets is the first in the nation to get a so-called "urban redesign." It has free Wi-Fi and laptop outlets, upholstered vinyl chairs instead of seats bolted to the floor, subdued lighting, and all-black uniforms for employees. The metrosexual look is, naturally, de rigueur in Europe, but like something out of another world for us boorish Americans. One customer tells the Associated Press it's "beautiful" and more "like a lounge"—but with the same revolting "food."

Not to be outdone, Burger King recently announced plans last month to overhaul its 12,000 locations "with industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls." The AP also mentions that there's "a grand piano visible from the street through a second-floor window" of another McDonald's location—that's the Wall Street one, at 160 Broadway. Keep that in mind, because Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you can't go to White Castle every year.