It's good times on the Upper West Side for food:The Times reports on the cream puffs at 76th and Broadway as well as the return of Katy Sparks! First, Beard Papa, an Asian chain that sells cream puffs, has a location at 2167 Broadway; the Times' Florence Fabricant described the fare as "fresh, crisp, peach-size cream puffs, $1.25, are split and filled while still warm with sumptuous vanilla cream." Mmm. And Gothamist had wondered about the logo, the "bearded papa," and owner Minoru Inagaki explains he's meant to convey happiness. Aha.


And Katy Sparks, whose Quilty's in SoHo is sorely missed, is now running the kitchen at Compass, the acclaimed restaurant (only after it dumped its Marika trapping) at 208 West 70th Street. Gothamist remembers reading that Sparks was going to go into catering as well as look into opening a new place, but she tells the Times deals fell through. And the big front room, that alternates as a bar or extra seating, will be a wine bar. Excellent!