Shake Shack is a beautiful NYC burger institution that has brought joy and stressful line situations and 100% all-natural Angus beef to millions of people. So it is with a heavy heart and an even heavier belly that we must inform you that Shake Shack has also apparently been getting people sick—either that, or there is a rogue former Shake Shack employee spreading the worst sort of gossip to 311.

The Post reports today that the Upper East Side Shake Shack located at East 86th Street and Lexington has racked up 11 food poisoning complaints with 311 over the last year. It had more such complaints than any other restaurant in the city (other Shake Shack locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn received five more such complaints).

Of course, 11 complaints out of, say, 500K customers doesn't sound like anything to worry about: spokesperson Edwin Bragg told us, "With hundreds of thousands of guests served at our Upper East Side Shack in the past year, our records show no reports of any issue. We're proud that our team has passed every inspection and maintains an A grade."

They had a pretty good excuse for the spike in numbers though: Bragg also told the Post that the company has "long suspected that a former employee was behind a series of phony complaints following termination from the company." Huh, we wonder if Shake Shack has its very own version of the middle-aged lifelong Williamsburg resident who made over 400 phony complaint calls to 911 about the hipster hordes running amok in his neighborhood.

After the UES Shake Shack, the next two stomach-churning places were Brooklyn Deli (located behind security at JFK's Terminal 8) and the Whole Foods in Gowanus. One such food poisoning victim of Brooklyn Deli, comedian Matt Ott, describe his experience there on Christmas Day: "It was the first thing I ate really early in the morning when I got a fever, chills and diarrhea," he told the Post. "It was the worst. Nothing like having food poisoning from airport food on Christmas."