The Daily News has a cute article about two young New Yorkers who are competing to be the top Girl Scout cookie seller in the city. The two contenders are Olivia, an Upper East Sider who goes to Chapin, and Najah, a student at Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy in Douglaston. Combined, they sold nearly 3000 boxes last year!

The Girl Scouts says the cookie-selling program builds confidence. And these girls have it in spades: Najah sold 1,111 last year and said, "I’m aiming for about 2,300 boxes. I call friends and family. I sell at school and at my church." However, Olivia, who sold 1,800 last year, confidently shared her strategy, "I think I have a presumptive close that hooks people. tell them, ‘This year five boxes only costs $20. Can I help pick out your five boxes?’” Man, they must screen this to the kids: