Photo via Yelp

[UPDATE BELOW] According to some people with Twitter accounts, Williamsburg's beloved Union Pool was shut down by the mean old Department of Health last night, a city agency that clearly can't appreciate life's more refined pleasures, like wine served in a cup and key bumps in a crowded bathroom.

The DOH brought the hammer down last night (and in October, they gave the establishment a B grade, with 24 violations). We called the bar this afternoon and asked if they were opened, but the man who answered simply told us, "I'm not sure yet," and that he had no comment on any of this.

The Department of Health did have a comment, however. This afternoon they told us:

Union Pool was closed for operating under an expired permit since September 30, 2011. Three months prior to that they were sent a permit renewal notice. They were issued violations for not renewing their permit on October 14th, 2011. On a follow-up permit survey inspection they were closed for having still not submitted a permit renewal application. They may re-open as soon as they provide a receipt for a renewal application from the Department of Consumer Affairs.

UPDATE: Good news, we just heard from Union Pool and they are officially back open! That was fast.