UPDATE BELOW Has beloved Upper West Side pizzeria Sal & Carmine shuttered for good? If a disconnected phone number, a suspended Seamless account and a report from Eater are to be believed, then yes. A tipster tells the website that signage about "going to a wedding" has disappeared and the place "looks closed for good." First Urban Outfitters and now THIS?

Seriously though, the Broadway pizzeria was a neighborhood staple, having slung pies since the late '50s on the Upper West Side. It definitely still had it after all those years, even after co-founder Sal passed away, leaving Carmine to carry on the legacy.

Though the neighborhood has no shortage of newcomers and jumbo slices to choose from, it's a sad day when a longtime business still offering a simple slice for $3 calls it quits.

Update: A rep for Sal & Carmine assures DNAinfo that the pizzeria will reopen tomorrow following the unexpected closure. "We can assure you we will not be closing for good," the rep said but didn't elaborate on what caused the extended leave of absence.