[UPDATE: Today's giveway was moved to Monday due to weather, but the truck will be in SoHo tomorrow (Friday)] Ice cream may not be the first thing on your mind on a gloomy day of thunderstorms, but this is free ice cream we're talking about—and if you miss it today, it'll be up for grabs every day through Sunday. It's top notch ice cream too; to promote their new mobile Android browser, Firefox is giving out Coolhaus Ice Cream sandwiches. The gourmet ice cream sandwich truck started out in L.A., where their homemade and all-natural ice cream—served between two cookies and an edible wrapperare all the rage.

The Firefox promotion actually doubles as the grand big debut of sorts for the first Coolhaus trucks in NYC. Friday through Sunday they'll be giving out The Foxy Brown (nutella toasted almond ice cream on an oatmeal cookie), The Beta (earl grey ice cream on brioche cookie), and The Mozilli Vanilli (vanilla with real Madagascaran beans and milk chocolate chips). You can find the truck between noon and 4 p.m. tomorrow at the intersection of Grand Street and Lafayette, Saturday at Bryant Park, Sunday at Union Square (near West 16th Street), and Monday at Madison Square Park. We're told that while you're waiting for our sandwich, you can "demo the Spark game on shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tabs." We have no idea what that means, but "free ice cream" we understand!