[Update below] Relegated to cheesy tropical all-inclusive resorts and street festivals of dubious intent, the daiquiri has a bit of a PR problem. But cocktail aficionados and alcoholics frequent imbibers know that a well-constructed daiquiri means a potent, sweet and pleasantly tart drink and not the frozen, sugary crap they serve at Ruby Tuesday. To restore the good name of this classic cocktail, "arts and performance conglomerate" |the claque| are throwing Daiq-Attack, a daiquiri competition, at Huckleberry Bar later this month.

The competition goes for two rounds, where first participants create what they believe to be their best cocktail, daiquiri or no. After a round of voting from the judges—including yours truly—the top five move on to round two, where they must concoct their best Denizen Rum daiquiri for the judges and everyone in attendance. Prizes will be awarded to the top three daiquiris on hand, with the first place winner securing a spot on Huckleberry Bar's impressive cocktail menu.

Mixologists from Evelyn Drinkery, Donna, Gin Palace and Freeman's Restaurant have already been tapped to compete, with more worthy opponents announced in the coming weeks. Interested in asserting your daiquiri dominance? There are a few spots left for competitors, so email Samantha at ss@theclaque.org for more info about how to blow the roof off this cocktail joint. The daiquiri drinking all goes down on Sunday, July 28th starting at 4 p.m. Advanced tickets run $15 ($20 at the door) and include samples of all the delicious drinks. Proceeds benefit |the claque's| ambitious arts program; daiquiris benefit mankind.

Update: Sadly, the event has been canceled. I weep. But look out for the claque's Some Like it Cold cold soup competition at the end of August and the 4th Mac Off in October.