Unfortunately we couldn't make it to Thursday night's $3 Four Loko party hosted by Eddie Huang, which was preceded by a fair amount of drama. To recap, Huang's original plan of all-you-can-drink Four Loko cocktails didn't pan out because all-you-can-drink specials are illegal. He then changed it to $3 per can, and defended the controversial beverage on his blog with endorsements like, "I like gummy bears and I like alcohol that taste like malt liquor gummy bears." Can't argue with that kind of logic. Luckily, the Observer was at the event, and gathered some great reactions of Loko'd New Yorkers. Here are some of the best:

  • "Let's fuck shit up! I'm ready to ride a mechanical bull motherfucker!"
  • "This is my first time ever drinking Four Loko, actually. It's quite delicious. It's like Red Bull times five."
  • "It's like flavored blunt wraps, but alcohol!"
  • "It tastes fantastic, it gets you fucked up and it's cheap. That's what you look for in a drink, right?"
  • "Dude, My heart is palpitating."

Huang also said that the $3 Four Loko night is now a permanent fixture at Xiao Ye, despite the mounting movement to ban it and other alcoholic energy drinks from the state. However, the company wrote on its website, "We do agree with the goal of keeping adults of legal age who choose to drink responsibly as safe and as informed as possible...If mixing caffeine and alcohol is the most pressing concern, addressing it would be best accomplished by creating laws that apply to the entire caffeinated alcoholic beverage category - not specific, individual products and not just beers or malt-based products." Great, now they're going to come after our Jack and Cokes. Way to jinx it!

[UPDATE] From Huang's blog, posted on Saturday morning: "Damn... Last night at 11:30pm, the task force came to Xiao Ye. Luckily my partner at the restaurant held it down and we are still open...All four loko in the house was destroyed on site, it was taken off the menu, and four loko thursdays is cancelled."