Since Hurricane Sandy turned the northern portion of Union Square into a staging ground for everything from MTA buses to utility trucks, the four-days-a-week Greenmarket there has been moved up to Madison Square Park. But with the southern end of the park's annual Holiday Market (now with "Little Brooklyn!") opening on Friday, it seems the Greenmarket is coming back.

"We are deeply appreciative that these workers have been here," Michael Hurwitz, director of the city’s Greenmarkets, told the Times. "But we very much want to go home." And go home they shall. Depending on how quickly the park's current occupiers (utility crews from around the country here to help Con Ed) depart the market could be back as soon as tomorrow. At the latest it should return Friday. Which means the November Saturday rush of New Yorkers looking to practice their newest Thanksgiving dishes can resume.

Want to be absolutely sure the market is back? Keep your eye on its Twitter feed.