Danny Meyer's pioneering Union Square Cafe has found a new home—and it's still going to be in Union Square! After the restaurant shutters at the end of the year it will move into the City Crab space nearby on Park Avenue at 19th Street, according to the Times. There, they'll have a 15-year lease, so those sacred bar nuts and greenmarket-to-table dishes are safe for the time being.

The new space will be quite a bit larger than the original on Union Square West, boasting seating for 150 (up from 130) but, more importantly, plenty more room for kitchen staff to move around, prep and cook. It'll also be just as close to the all important Union Square Greenmarket, where chef Carmen Quagliata trucks back the day's produce. "I told Danny we couldn’t go farther than a five-minute walk," he said.

Also of note: Meyer is reportedly going to re-hire the 75 employees of City Crab at his other NYC restaurants, plus find temporary positions for the 120 staffers at Union Square Cafe, who'll have some downtime before the new space opens. " “The level of collaboration that was required to execute the deal for Union Square Cafe’s new space is a true testament to the strength and camaraderie of the Union Square culinary community,” Jennifer Falk, the Executive Director of the Union Square Partnership, in a statement.

After the original location does shutter, it'll be home to Japanese noodle chain Tsurutontan, who are somehow able to afford nearly 3/4 of a million dollars in rent.