110708door.jpgYou're probably familiar by now with "culinary speakeasys" like The Whisk and Ladle that are held semi-regularly in private lofts and apartments around town. Well, next weekend that talented crew will be joining forces with four other hip supper clubs (including the Southern-style Homeslice) for a massive, 150-seat communal dinner in an undisclosed midtown loft. Thrillist likened the affair to that supergroup The Traveling Wilburys; to us this sounds more like Voltron, but take your pick. The two night "Undergrounds Unite" shindig will feature a 12-course meal, with each team handling three courses each; Saturday night's feast will be followed by live music and cocktails. This is going to be a monthly affair at different private locations, but if you want to get in on it before it becomes a Times trend piece (oh, too late), email them through the website for a password and reservation.