Umi Nom, the Brooklyn outpost of the Lower East Side's popular Kuma Inn (one of Tyra Banks' favorite spots, incidentally), opens tonight on DeKalb Avenue, along the border of Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. The pile of bricks, broken concrete and odd bits of old electrical conduit have now become an open kitchen. Chef/owner King Phojanakong and co-chef Soulayphet “Phet” Schwader have gotten rid of the washing machines in the former laundromat, but managed to salvage many of old building's interior details, including its exposed brick and an old skylight that was uncovered during the renovations.

The 50-seat restaurant follows a small plates format with dishes like wok roasted manila clams with spicy black bean sauce ($11), pork chops with house made pickles, and immense bowls of rice. The menu dotes on variations of traditional Filipino and Thai dishes for the most part, so there's a lot of grilled meat, but there are a few vegetarian friendly dishes here, too, like crimini mushroom tofu skewers with scallions ($10) and sauteed Asian market greens ($9).

Umi Nom's liquor license is still hung up somewhere in the system, but once that paper is signed, sealed, and delivered behind the bar, the restaurant will specialize in wine and sakes by the glass and the bottle, including 1-2 aged sakes. The price point of most menu items hovers between $8-$12; sides of rice are $2 and $3 each. Full menu after the jump.

Umi Nom, 433 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn; (718) 789-8806

small plates
house pickles $8
shitake mushrooms, soy mirin glaze $10
crimini mushroom tofu skewers, scallions $10
panko crusted vegetables, soy vinegar dipping sauce $10
asian market greens: sautéed greens & garlic $9
pan roasted salmon, coconut basil green curry $11
chili glazed wok prawn $11
crab and cream cheese wontons, sweet chili aioli $9
wok roasted manila clams, spicy black bean sauce $11
whole grilled orata, atchara $21
crispy calamari, sweet & sour sauce $11
fried tilapia, wasabi tobiko aioli $10
grilled mackerel toasted rice, cherry tomato, jicama, garlic-chili lime dressing $11
spicy seared beef salad, green papaya, long beans, cherry tomatoes, peanuts $12
sautéed chinese sausage, thai chili-lime sauce $11.50
salt and pepper lollipop chicken wings, anaheim peppers $10
ma-banh’s beef jerky smoked chili sauce $11
grilled pork chops, pickled vegetables $10
fried spring rolls with shrimp, pork & glass noodles $8
grilled skirt steak roasted tomatoes & onions $12
bbq ribs garlic, ginger, lemongrass, oyster sauce marinade $11
griddled beef patties, house pickles (with a little pork thrown in, too) $10

noodles & rice
chicken pad see ew: broad flat rice noodles, soy, garlic $10
shrimp pad thai: rice noodles, tamarind, fish sauce, peanuts $10
pancit canton: sausage, chicken, egg noodles, soy, fish sauce $10
charred beef rice vermicelli: cold rice sticks, herbs, cucumbers $10
garden vegetable fried rice: stir fried rice, soy, garlic $8
chicken fried rice: stir fried rice, egg, soy, garlic $9
bahaykubo fried rice: chicken, sausage and shrimp stir fried rice, egg, soy, garlic $11
sticky rice $2
coconut rice $3
long grain rice $2
garlic rice $3

warm thai chili chocolate cake $8
chilled summer fruit soup $8
assorted sorbets & ice cream $8