The beloved West Coast burger chain Umami Burger will be expanding to the east coast, with a NYC location opening in Greenwich Village in the spring. Located at 432 Sixth Avenue at 10th Street, the location will feature waiter service, a full bar, space for private events, a "curated selection" of Umami Burger’s “greatest hits” burgers and other "signature" Umami Burger items. It gets better: additional NYC locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

“For years, New Yorkers have been asking us to open in New York,” Adam Fleischman, Founder and CEO of Umami Restaurant Group, said in a statement. “In a few months, New Yorkers won’t have to get on a plane to satisfy their Umami cravings.” Our sister site in the City of Angels has sang Umami's praises for years, and explains its unique appeal thus: "It's small, it's rich, and it's something just next-door to salty (that's the umami flavor, yo!)." Umami, in the Japanese culinary tradition, is the so-called “fifth flavor” that’s found in complex foods like mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, etc.

Umami's six-ounce beef burgers come in a dozen different varieties (no substitutions), and the burgers are always ground in house, seared medium-rare, and served on a fluffy Portuguese-style bun. In 2010, GQ named Umami "Burger of the Year", and soon enough judgmental New Yorkers will get to judge for themselves. It's no In-N-Out, but we'll take it.