Not content with invading our already well-established burger scene, the California-based group behind Umami Burger announced they're going to dip their toes into our magical pizza wonderland as well. The 800 Degrees chain is already well-established in Los Angeles, with further expansion plans already in motion on the West Coast. But everyone who's anyone knows that for ultimate pizza domination, you must conquer the discerning palates of New Yorkers, who've been known to start wars over their precious pies.

The group secured the financing to build the first of five proposed locations in New York City—go big or go home?—starting with the first outpost somewhere in NoMad. “New Yorkers have an ingrained pizza culture but we see an opportunity,” Anthony Carron, co-creator of 800 Degrees, said in a release. “There are a lot of $1 slice joints and expensive boutique pizzerias. We have an unusual mix of authentic Neapolitan pizza with fresh, amazing ingredients, fast service and an incredible price for the quality."

Unlike the rigid no substitutions menu at Umami Burger, 800 Degrees lets customers choose all their own bases and toppings. Bases ($5.35 - $7.35 in LA) include the standard margherita to a verde with pinenut-basil pesto. Toppings go for just a buck, including fancy proteins like bacon, rosemary ham and meatballs; cheese including fontina, ricotta and smoked provolone; and a slew of veggies including eggplant, broccolini and red onions. Oh, they also have four different burrata salads.

"We believe 800 Degrees will be as big a hit in New York as it has been in California," Carron went on to say. That's West Coast optimism for ya, folks! Who knows if they'll stack up to the best of the best or even make a blip in this over-saturated market. But hey, at least this pizza is actually pizza, despite its Cali provenance; they'll just have to make nice with Jon Stewart.