Whether they're making light of the conflict in Syria or latching onto a national tragedy or just being gross, bad brand tweets have become a regular occurrence lately. SpaghettiOs is the latest company to feel the full brunt of internet outrage after they tweeted a cheerful photo of their mascot, Mr. O, holding an American flag, licking his lip, and smiling manically in honor of the anniversary of... #Pearl Harbor.

Exploiting tragic national events for marketing opportunities is, generally speaking, not looked on very kindly—and the tweet has predictably (and hilariously) inspired people to insert Mr. O into other inappropriate historical events (and some more visceral Pearl Harbor photos). As Patton Oswalt put it, "Thank you, @SpaghettiOs. Thank you, photoshoppers. And God bless tone-deaf, Tweeting corporate interns everywhere."

This one referenced AT&T's similarly-lambasted 9/11 tweet:

And this one sums up the week pretty nicely:

Despite the backlash, the tweet hasn't been taken down over 12 hours after it was made—which means either the company likes all the controversy and attention it's drummed up, or nobody at the company has noticed the backlash yet, or some social media manager is getting fired as we type. Either way, we can think of at least one person who must be very glad that the internet spotlight has been taken off her.