Grilling on the Upper East Side usually involves going to Parlor or flying to the Humid Pampa in Argentina to hand-pick a cow for slaughter. However, one couple who dared to dirty their hands on a "grill" are being sued by their co-op for "creating dangerous fire conditions on their balcony each time they cook," according to court filings obtained by the Post.

Paul Gumbinner made the mistake of tweeting what he and his wife were grilling, which confirmed what the suspicious nostrils of their nosy neighbors knew: "Ready to make porterhouse steaks (trying a new rub), fresh corn and grilled onions with fresh sage and thyme honey." A few days earlier, he writes, "Hot dogs on the grill tomorrow, lemon/rosemary chicken on Sunday and Monday, who knows. Happy 4th." Who knows?! How are we supposed to sleep at night?

The co-op that runs their East 51st Street apartment, Southgate Owners Corp, should ask the court for relief from "people who feel the need to tell people about every goddamn piece of food they put in their bodies."