Your fifteen minutes are over, gourmet food vendor truck vendors. NYC's crowded streets couldn't stop you, the Halal mafia couldn't scare you off, but the fancy food vending trend—which gave us everything from gay ice cream to, uh, Eurotrash—has finally screeched to a halt, now that Tyra Banks has stepped in.

According to a press release, tomorrow "the self-proclaimed foodie"—don't call her a foodiot—will take to the streets to shrilly "show her audience how to eat high-class food for low low prices"—because the complex process of ordering food from a truck definitely needs a how-to lesson. In the teaser below, Tyra, wearing some sort of abominable one-shouldered parachute pantsuit, gushes over the "high-class" "Ricksaw" dumpling truck:

We expect the backlash against gourmet street vendors—already simmering—to boil over at once: Yeah, we were into Van Leeuwen waaay before Tyra; but these days we're just keeping it real with Mister Softee. (In exchange, he's agreed not to shiv us).