Two beloved East Village restaurants have announced that they're closing. Haven't you done enough, 2016?

Yesterday, EV Grieve brought word that The Redhead would be ending its decade-long run frying up excellent chicken and whipping up beer cheese on East 13th Street. There's the standard rent increase on a new lease, but the chef and founding partner has apparently also moved to Colorado, perhaps leaving less of an impetus to remain open. They'll be open at least through New Year's Eve, with no fixed closing date just yet.

Then today, once again EV Grieve—too often tasked with a death herald—got in touch with the owners of Porchetta, the tiny East 7th Street shop known for, well, its porchetta. Matt Lindemulder claims they're "not permanently shut just moving," but a new location has yet to be secured. Coincidentally, chef and co-owner Sara Jenkins also moved out of New York City, lamenting that it's "just too difficult to live in at this point" in her life.