Two kilt-clad bros from Scotland have upped the ante on the brewski, creating the world's strongest beer. Clocking in at an alarming 67.5% ABV, the appropriately-named "Snake Venom" comes from Brewmeister in Keith, Scotland, where buddies Lewis Shand and John McKenzie have been diligently working to top their "Armageddon" brew from last year, which boasted a very respectable 65% ABV.

"Snake Venom is definitely sharper in taste," Shand explained to the Daily Record. "With Armageddon, we actually tried to disguise the taste by making it quite oily. We thought if it was too strong, people wouldn’t like it." The duo says hardcore imbibers doubted the brew's high intensity booze factor because they couldn't taste the alcohol. Undiscouraged, they went back to the drawing board for another go. "We were too nice last time," Shand declared ominously.

The nine month-long process involved "smoked peat malt and two types of yeast: beer yeast and champagne yeast," according to the brewery's website. A warning label attached to the bottle's neck warns would-be drinkers of the potent potable within, advising that no more than 35ml should be consumed in one sitting. "It should Be poured like it’s whisky," Shand explains. Let's not get any ideas, brahs.

Daring drinkers take note: a 275ml bottle can be yours for just just around $80.

[h/t GrubStreet]