In keeping with current tradition, another longtime Williamsburg spot has bitten the dust and is being replaced by a chain. Though on the bright side, this particular chain serves the Bayou Beast: Two Boots is poised to make its debut in the 'hood sometime next year. Could be worse.

Eater NY reports that the popular chain's owners plan to move into the space recently vacated by Driggs Pizza, a pizzeria that opened at 558 Driggs Ave in 1968. Two Boots owner Phil Hartman says he decided to purchase Driggs Pizza after the longstanding Park Slope Two Boots shuttered last month. "Driggs Pizza (a personal favorite of mine) was for sale and we'd been looking for the right spot to relaunch Two Boots in Brooklyn, with the Park Slope branch shutting down after 24 years," he told Eater.

Plans for the upcoming Two Boots reportedly include a backyard garden space and party room, and the establishment will serve beer and wine. And though it's sad to see yet another family-run spot disappear, at least Williamsburg residents have some tasty, fun pies to look forward to, plus free Dude slices when Brooklyn's favorite National Holiday rolls around.