Now that most of the Hostess bankruptcy-induced panic has subsided and we no longer need to fear a cold, dark future that exists without Twinkies, the company has begun to suss out who's buying what once the big dog goes under for good. And it looks, sadly, like the snack cakes will have to learn to live apart from their bread brothers: Hostess said yesterday that they'll probably sell their brands to separate buyers.

The company says the main Hostess brand, responsible for supplying hungry gullets with Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, got a bid from one group along with their Dolly Madison cakes. The Drake brand has been bid on by another company, and Wonder Bread was bid on by yet another sect, so we'll probably see a split soon. Meanwhile, as Hostess continues to liquidate, deals between the bidders and the company will commence in January and be finalized sometime in March, so bodegas will have to find something else to fill that dusty shelf in the front with for a bit.