tvdinner.jpgWhat’s worth watching on food-related TV this week?

Next Sunday is the finale of The Next Iron Chef (9pm on the Food Network). Michael Ruhlman has a comment from Chef Chris Cosentino on his blog about the airplane episode—he was clearly getting crowded by cameras, but for him the crowding was to the degree that he couldn’t work, and he wanted to clarify that fact “now that 1/2 the country thinks i am an asshole.” You can also read a profile of Chef John Besh in the Times. Our favorite quote: “When he went through his foam phase it was a little nauseating,” said Poppy Tooker, a local cooking teacher. “It was like crawfish jelly with spit on top.”

Also on this week:

No Reservations is on tonight (10pm on the Travel Channel); in a repeat, Bourdain goes to Argentina. Wednesday on Kitchen Nightmares (9pm on Fox), Ramsay “fixes” Sebastian’s in Burbank, CA. Martha Stewart is on Monday through Thursday at 1pm (NBC). Monday, she’s got Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. And next Sunday After Hours with Daniel (Boulud) is on at 8:30pm on MOJO. And on PBS’ Sunday late afternoon food lineup (4-6:30pm, Channel 13), we’ve got Chef’s Story, featuring Chef Charlie Palmer, then Complete Pépin, with an episode on fruit and vegetable decorations. The Best Recipes in the World with Mark Bittman follows with an episode on El Bulli. Next up is Lidia Bastianich’s Lidia’s Italy with an episode on sauerkraut, then Colameco’s Food Show .