Last week Anchor Distilling and Berry Bro & Rudd poured out a new limited release Glenrothes single malt whisky on top of the NoMad Hotel's roofdeck, and we dropped in to give it a taste, for journalism. The vintage scotch, which the company refers to as "The Extraordinary Cask," is a single cask bottling from Speyside, Scotland. Its story reads like a top shelf liquor-fiend's dream: "These casks, selected for their personality and excellence, stand alone as examples of the supremacy of The Glenrothes bloodline. The first of these is a whisky distilled in 1970 which, in keeping with The Glenrothes’ philosophy to bottle at peak maturity, is now ready to be committed to glass." Of the 179 bottles that were made from the single cask, only fifty are available in the US. And each bottle costs $5,000.

The 81 proof, $250-a-shot whisky has been aged 42 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead cask, parts of which have been made into corks for the hand-blown glass decanters the scotch is sold in. The elixir goes down, as David King, president of Anchor Distilling Company, put it, "like fresh cream," with a sweetness like apple cider and a flavor that evokes Autumn sunshine and Scottish chimneys. King estimates that, of the 50 bottles stateside, only about ten will stay in NYC. Buying one is the perfect way to get over the pain of not getting tickets to that $650 Alinea dinner!