Ramp Fest is THE only place to be this weekend for worshippers of The Ramp. The spring vegetable, foraged each short season with loving hands and delivered to our greenmarkets and restaurants, is being celebrated once again at the annual Hudson, NY fest. Let's say you shell out the 30 bucks and spend two hours (one way) on the train... what's in it for you? How about this ramp-inspired BLT!

A BLT, but ramp-style

That's the BRT, which features house smoked bacon, sautéed ramps, tomato confit, and ramp aioli (served by Swoon Kitchenbar). And it's just one of the items waiting for you up at ramp fest. What else? There's booze, bands, and more ramps, including ramp kim chi, ramp butter puff pastry pigs in a blanket with ramp relish, grilled ramp polenta, ramp grits, a ramp pastry served a la mode (sadly not with ramp ice cream)... and SO MUCH MORE. Just don't eat the brown ramps and you'll be fine, man.