Innovations in caffeine consumption come in both form and function, and while most third wave coffee establishments let the roasted beans be the only form of flavor, a new Nolita coffee spot adds a little something extra: mint. Project Cozy, which opened in July on Broome Street, brings the Mint Iced Coffee movement to the East Coast, following in the footsteps of Philz Coffee serving mint-flavored coffees in places like L.A. and San Francisco.

The Cozy Mint Coffee ($4.50) is a sweet, creamy version of iced coffee, made with La Colombe-derived cold brew, cane sugar, cream and the kicker of muddled fresh mint leaves. Aside from Philz, mint in iced coffee is a proven method for bringing out the lighter, brighter notes of the beans—if the cream and sugar doesn't cover it up entirely.

(Project Cozy)

The cafe, which is fairly spartan save for a bright blue corner illuminated by a "cozy as f*ck" neon sign, also serves juices and smoothies with names like Kale Yeah and Just Beet It in addition to traditional espresso drinks.

They've also partnered with Midtown's Bibble & Sip to exclusively sell their baked goods like Earl Grey Banana Bread and a signature, enormous cream puff flavored with cozy mint, matcha and earl grey.

398 Broome Street, (646) 682-7613;

Project Cozy Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd