Like the Republican nominee for President himself, it seems no amount of complaints and horrified onlookers can keep The Donald down for long (in his mind, anyway). After removing a controversial photo of the animate garbage fire from its walls, a Bay Ridge restaurant has returned a signed photo of Donald Trump to its place of honor. And the owners have had enough with your bellyaching, liberals!

"It's a picture on the wall for god's sake," Amber Urban, owner of Schnitzel Haus, griped to the Brooklyn Paper. "Don't people have more important things to do?" Apparently not, as the restaurant has recently been fielding calls from all over the country regarding the photo, even though its hung in the dining room since 2007. Someone even drew devils horns on the photograph over the weekend. Sad!

And now the husband and wife duo who own the restaurant are OVER IT. "At the end of the day, it's our restaurant, and it's our right and privilege to have it up," Urban went on. "It's not up to others what we can and can’t do. It's our choice." You're exactly right, Amber. If you want to broadcast your love of a soulless, white supremacist sympathizing Angry Groundhog, you go right ahead. It's all about those amendments.