Inspired by a pair of viral videos in which Starbucks employees were rude to self-proclaimed Trump voters, supporters of the President-elect have decided on a mass boycott of the coffee chain. No wait, sorry. Supporters of the President-elect have decided to go to Starbucks, ask for "Trump" to be written on the cups and then pay for their coffee, in an act of defiance that's sure to make Howard Schultz as rich as he is mad.

The statement, which again involves giving money to Starbucks and patiently waiting for your coffee, was kicked off either because of yesterday's video of a Miami man getting into an argument with employees at a store for alleged Trump-related discrimination or a video in which an employee refused to write "Trump" on a customer's cup and then called the police.

Whichever incident started it, at least a few Trump fans have taken up the cause of enriching Starbucks four dollars at a time all for the joy of seeing "Trump" written on their coffee cups:

Just look at this devastating lib ownage 2:40 into this video:

Then again, this might have been happening for longer than people realize, judging by this Scott Baio tweet in which he took another dude's Facebook status from 2015 and told Donald Trump that he started the "Give the Trump name movement."

As of press time, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was too busy watching money flip through one of those automatic money counter machines to respond to a request for comment.