With all the hoopla about urban farming lately, we're always intrigued by new green-leaning projects from cute Brooklyn do-gooders. The Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Local brought aspiring mobile farmers Nick Runkle and Justin Cutter to our attention today, and they need your help.

The duo have started a project called Compass Green, a "mobile greenhouse" in the back of a converted 18-foot truck with transparent walls. Runkle and Cutter plan to drive around the country in the truck and teach people "easy, practical steps" to a sustainable future, though a series of tours, lectures, and workshops for kids and adults. They're tricking the truck out with two garden beds, skylights, and water tanks; and it will (of course) be fueled by recycled veggie oil and solar power.

"The plants are gonna flourish in the back of this van, and they are gonna feed you the tastiest veggies you've ever had," promises Runkle in the group's Kickstarter video. They've got 26 hours (and ticking) to raise a few more dollars, and promise backers everything from postcards from the road to private dinners with truck-raised veggies. Come on, people: everyone knows that mobile farms are much cooler than rooftop farms.