Three women walking past the Tribeca location of Wolfgang's Steakhouse say they were verbally harassed with President-elect Trump's (that's not getting any easier!) infamous "grab them by the pussies" statement by three men smoking outside the restaurant. Lindsay Means recounted the incident on Twitter Saturday morning, revealing that following the men's outburst, staff at the restaurant told Means and her friends to "calm down" because these were "good guys."

One of the smoking dudes even called her "darling." Ugh.

Means told Tribeca Citizen, which first reported the story, that she eventually received a response from the restaurant's manager, who apologized, explaining the patrons were "drunk out of their minds" but admitted that was "not an excuse." The manager also offered Means and her friends a complimentary meal or gift certificate, which Means turned down.

The restaurant finally publicly responded to the event last night:

Incidents of bias attacks and harassment have spiked dramatically since Trump's election last week (it's only been a week???). On Saturday night, a woman was punched in the face by a Trump supporter at a Brooklyn restaurant.