Cabbage cores, kale stems and broccoli stalks are just a few of the "scrap" ingredients in a new salad at the popular salad joint Sweetgreen, which is tackling food waste head on—for the next two months, anyway. The chain has partnered with Chef Dan Barber—whose WastED dinner pop-ups employed a similar ethos—to create Blue Hill's "wastED"™ salad, which uses foodstuffs ordinarily tossed out during the cooking prep process.

The above ingredients—which are roasted in anchovy oil to cut through their more fibrous consistency—come together with romaine hearts, carrot ribbons, broccoli leaves and arugula to form the salad. It's completed with shaved parmesan, spicy sunflower seeds and roasted bread butts, plus a pesto vinaigrette to tie it all together. The salad debuts tomorrow, July 28th, and will be available through September 28th.

As far as Sweetgreen's options go, it's on the cheaper end at $8.60, though that's probably because it's (almost) vegetarian. A portion of that money will also be donated to City Harvest. One salad won't change America's terrible food waste issues but it does bring some more attention to the issue and helps point out that less traditionally used portions of foods can be tasty if prepared properly.

"More often than not, the foods we consider 'waste'—be it a broccoli leaf or a cabbage core—all have delicious applications," Barber explained. "Hopefully we're inspiring people to explore that potential in their own kitchens." Who knew there were so many uses for banana peels?