No, it's not the ice cream truck you'll see parked in Greenwich Village this weekend -- it's the Treats Truck. Baker Kim Ima bakes a wide repertoire of tasty goodies in Red Hook, and then takes the treats to the streets with a mobile bakery truck named Sugar (yes, it has a name) that runs on compressed natural gas, making it environmentally friendly.


We had the pleasure of sampling some of the Treats Truck's bounty earlier this week, including chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal jammies (oatmeal cookies with a jam center -- our favorite), decadent raspberry swirl brownies, caramel creme sandwiches (brown sugar cookies with vanilla cream filling) and rice crispy treats, both traditional and a cran-almond version, with flax seeds, dried cranberries, and almonds, and we definitely planning on stopping by for its maiden voyage this weekend. The treats run from $1-$2.50, and milk (organic, of course, and also soy) is available.

Sugar will be parked this weekend in Greenwich Village on East 4th Street near Broadway; for future locations, visit their website. Tell 'em Gothamist sent you.