Dressler, one of just five Michelin-starred restaurants in all of Brooklyn, abruptly closed its doors for good today. In an announcement on the restaurant's website, the "Dressler Family" writes:

After seven years of business, Dressler is closing its doors for business today, Monday, June 17, 2013. With much regret, an agreement could not be reached for a lease renewal. To all of our talented staff and to our customers, our friends, thank you for your loyal support. Our accolades and accomplishments would not have been possible without you.

We close the doors to one of NYC's most beautiful dining rooms with mixed emotions. We are so proud of Dressler. It was a pioneer in the Brooklyn Dining scene that helped set the standard for dining in the borough today. We are excited to continue serving the Williamsburg Community at both Dumont and Dumont Burger as well as our new ventures in Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights.

On the plus side, that block of Broadway has been sorely lacking in retail banking locations since the HSBC closed. We kid, Dressler was one of the few great "grown up" restaurants in the neighborhood, and when it opened there was nothing else like it on the Southside. (It was also an ideal alternative to Peter Luger when your parents were in town and wanted to take you out to dinner.) The food was typically stellar (albeit expensive), and the room was beautifully decorated and seductively lit. In his 2006 review, NY Times critic Frank Bruni praised the food as "sophisticated without being too clever, in a room that's beautiful without being too flamboyant."

[Via Eater]