If there's one thing 17-year-olds with fake IDs listen to, it's signs. So someone on the LES is trying to alert them to the Seventh Precinct's crusade against underage drinking. EV Grieve has these photos of a sign on Houston Street and Ludlow Street. More proof of a class-based conspiracy?

In other LES bar news, Mason Dixon has reopened after being shut down for underage drinking, but they'll only be open on Friday and Saturday nights. Owner Rob Shamlian told Grub Street he had to pay $10,000 in fines, and said of the truncated schedule, "I can't afford the extra security." He also said of the underage drinking allegations, We're very stringent about underage drinking. But these people are professionals and they're able to able sneak their people in. Bottom line, it's hard to keep out people who want to get in. The police cadets bribe the bouncers, so you're serving the police."