Trader Joe's will soon be as ubiquitous in this town as MetroPCS locations—the company plans to open at least three new stores in 2017, plus one in Hoboken, New Jersey. Tragically, these new stores will probably implement the same draconian laws they've been implementing at the Upper West Side store.

A hotly anticipated Trader Joe's is set to open on Columbus Avenue and 93rd Street sometime before the summer; the company also announced it would open a SoHo location, at 233 Spring Street, sometime before 2018. There's also a Trader Joe's opening at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn at some point—as for an opening date, they said it would be opening "soon" way back in 2015, so, hopefully, soon.

This news is very exciting for people who love being in crowded places before snowstorms, but the MOST important grocery store-related news is that a Wegmans is still coming to Navy Yard...someday. Wegmans is the greatest grocery store in the history of grocery stores, a fact I affirmed after a recent visit to the Wegmans in Ithaca.

Sadly, Wegmans and its delectable marinated chicken won't arrive in the city until 2018, probably, but you'll be waiting on line at Trader Joe's until then anyway.