At 8 a.m. this morning, the doors opened to the long-awaited Trader Joe's on the Upper West Side corner of Broadway and West 72nd Street. Leis and steel drum musicians greeted shoppers (some of whom were waiting since 7:30 a.m.) as they ventured down escalators to the two subterranean floors featuring the store's signature groceries and competitive prices. People were marveling how beautiful and open the store was—but we happened to go there right when it opened, so it wasn't crowded (DNA Info says there was a line halfway around the store by 9:15 a.m.).

Racked headed there, too, "We spoke to a few customers who were practically crying about how the prices are cheaper than other nabe stores like the aforementioned Fairway, plus the overpriced Food Emporium and Gourmet Garage (okay, that was us). A good gauge is the price of avocados, which tend to fluctuate like the Dow. At Trader Joe's, an avocado is $1.29 as compared to even the fruit vendor's at $1.50 each. Further sampling of what you'll find: Apples are $.59 each, a jumbo yellow onion is $.79, a dozen large organic eggs are $3.29 and bananas are $.19 each."

And speaking of the neighborhood supermarket heavyweight, one resident told DNA Info, "I don’t like Fairway [Market]. It’s a mad house and people are rude." Which makes us wonder if Trader Joe's subterranean floors a deterrent with certain rude shoppers.